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Product Information Commercial Roller Shutters

Two Source of Power:
AR551 Commercial Slat Electric roller shutter
Electric Remote roller shutter
Electric-Manual roller shutter
Battery roller shutter
Battery Remote roller shutter

Roller shutter components:
The AR551 aluminium roller shutter
Aluminium head box
AR551 series slat profile
Extruded guide and bottom bar

Battery-Powered Roller Shutter

An affordable motorised control system that is battery operated and therefore not reliant on mains power. With operation at the touch of a button this unique product offers a competitive alternative to current control options whilst allowing for a simple, clean and cost effective installation.
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Electric-Powered Roller Shutter supplies and recommends SOMFY motors and uses only SOMFY motors in all assembled shutters. SOMFY is well known as a world leader in tubular motor technology and are continually updating and advancing their product range.

The SOMFY motor comes with a 5 year warranty
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BC45 Head Box

The BC45 series head box material is a two-part aluminium roll-formed section designed to completely enclose the working parts of the shutter. The shutter curtain (slat) is concealed in the head box when in the UP position and for this reason we have four sizes of head box. The box has two roll formed sections (Top Plate and Bottom Plate), that are fitted together with a pair of cast aluminium end plates.
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The AR551 shutter

Aluminium roller shutters were developed in Germany over fifty years ago, and derived from a timber slat woven together with string. The first aluminium slat was a single skin roll formed section that was fitted together using a hinge like shape. There have been many developments and many shapes produced from that early design. The slat we use is a double walled cavity, curved profile with a PU foam injected into it during the forming process. Although derived from the early timber slat, the AR551 series slat represents many technological advantages, and forms the basis for our modern rollershutter.
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AR551 slat profile

The AR551 series slat is coated before forming, which ensures all metal surfaces are protected from corrosion. The shape of the profile has been designed specifically to suit the Commercial roller shutter market along with many Domestic applications. The slat is roll formed in our manufacturer's Adelaide manufacturing facility to the highest of world standards. The German built roll forming machine is the most advanced of its type in Australia today.
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Extruded guide and bottom bar

The guide is the section that the slat profile actually runs up and down in, and supports the shutter head box. The bottom bar is the section along the bottom of the shutter curtain (slats) which has the primary function of straightening the curtain. The guide and bottom bar sections of the roller shutter are extruded aluminium and coated with a unique finish to the shutter industry. This coating has been computer matched to the colour of the head box, and will be slightly different to the slat profile due to paint types.
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