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Frequently Asked Questions

Replacement Parts

You can find information about replacement motors, battery and electric, remote control settings, and much much more at this link Domestic Roller Shutters Parts . This link will take you to the Domestic Roller Shutter web site, to return back the Commercial web site click the top left return arrow on you browser.

Commercial or Domestic Roller Shutter

The difference between the Domestic Roller Shutter and the Commercial Roller Shutter.

The commercial rollershutter can span up to 4200mm for large windows in a single span. The shape of the commercial rollershutter slat profile has been designed specifically to suit the Commercial roller shutter market along with many Domestic applications. The German built roll forming machine is the most advanced of its type in Australia today. The AR551 series slat is a double walled cavity, curved 55mm profile with PU foam injected during the roll forming process it's. Nominal Thickness: 11.6mm This process provides economical strength and insulation qualities. The curved shape of the slat provides minimal roll sizes and optimal lateral strength. It's down falls are Price, and no Bush Fire Rating. For this reason the domestic rollershutter is still the most popular rollershutter on the market.

You can view these difference at

Electric or Battery

The electric rollershutter has a quieter and smoother operating system than the battery roller shutter. The installation of an electric roller shutter is a very simple process, compared to the difficulty of fitting a battery rollershutter

More Info. How to Install Electric
More Info. How to Install Battery

Electrician required When your electric Rollershutter has been installed there is no ongoing maintenance or costs. Battery roller shutters require recharging every month and a new replacement battery controllers costs $125.00 each.
The down side to standard electric Rollershutters is that they will not work if the power goes out, unless upgraded.
The standard Somfy electric motor can be upgraded and supplied with a manual override system, which uses a crank handle to raise or lower the curtain when the power is out. 
Upgrade is $220

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The SOMFY electric motor comes with a 5 year warranty.

Battery Operated Rollershutters

No electrician required, will open and close your average size Rollershutters about 20 times before recharging, the battery controller should be good for 3-5 years. Replacement Controllers are $125.00 each.
Battery Rollershutter will works when the power is out.

More Info Battery-Powered Roller Shutter system
More Info The newer technology of the Li-Ion batteries

The Box Locking System

Box Locking System.jpg

This system uses the top of the head box and the spring connector to stop the shutter curtain from being lifted. The curtain forms a vertical wall that can only be lifted as far as the top of the head box
As shown in the picture.

The gap at the top is determined by the height of the shutter. We can only work in multiples of one full slat, and therefore the gap should never be greater than the size of one slat.

The Slat Locking System

Slat Locking System.jpg
This system uses the same principle as the Box Lock System.

In this system we place two small pieces of slat in the box to simulate the top of the box. The main advantage of this system is that the pieces of slat can be moved to reduce the gap at the top of the curtain. As shown in the picture.

How to Install Electric
How to Install Battery

Order on-line and installing

All ordering is done through the website, Order On-Line
Installation for an electric rollershutter is a simple process, if you are not confident about installing your rollershutter try your local electrician.

More Info How to Measure
More Info How to Install

If there is a problem with the product or you need advice on installation contact us

Can Rollershutters Operate on an Angle?

No, rollershutters need the weight of the curtain to fully close and for the curtain to move freely down the guides. If the curtain doesn't move freely the curtain will unwind in the head box.


OZ Roll’s Roller Shutter Coatings carry a (5) Year Limited Warranty.
OZ Roll’s Aluminium Axle System carries a (3) year Limited Warranty.
All Somfy® motors supplied by OZ Roll® carry the Somfy® (5) Year Limited Warranty.
All Somfy® controllers supplied by OZ Roll® carry the Somfy® (2) year Warranty.
Ozroll Drive System T20 Battery Motor (2) year Warranty.
Ozroll Drive System L10 Battery Motor (1) year Warranty.
E-Port Controller (1) year Warranty.

Warranty starts from the date you receive the product.
We warrant that all products are free of defective parts and faulty workmanship and agree to replace any part that proves to be defective: without charge.
In the case that a warranty claim arises, we require the faulty part or item to be returned to us so we can examine or test and replace any item deemed faulty.

Please Note: The freight, handling and insurance costs remain the responsibility of the buyer in case of a warranty claim. If the product is deemed faulty the product will be returned at no cost.

Can a Rollershutter be used as a roller door

No it was not designed for that purpose, it's designed as a window rollershutter

Manufacture and Deliver Time

Manufacture 7-14 days Delivery 3-10 days